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Week - 221

Into The Fire
by crystallus
Description: Hooray! The Advent Calendar is finally here!

Week - 223

Into The Fire
by crystallus
Description: I'll be taking over the comic today.

Week - 390

Faerie Troubles
by crystallus
Description: Something has happened!

Week - 408

Fate of the Fluff
by 6catgirl6
Description: Baking a cake!

Art by crystallus

Week - 514

Prodigious LOLZ
by crystallus
Description: Such an awesome color.

Week - 516

Kadoatie Tails - Home Security
by sylviau
Description: Reason #27

Also by crystallus

Week - 517

Prodigious LOLZ
by crystallus
Description: You know how I like to give you chocolate for holidays?

Week - 531

Prodigious LOLZ
by crystallus
Description: Crystallus never draws you the same way.

Week - 564

Question, Exclamation?!
by crystallus
Description: Monthly Freebies

Week - 582

At The Deserted Tomb
by crystallus
Description: So much for gratitude.

Week - 593

Lawyerbot and the Dastardly Dung Design
by crystallus
Description: Many a KeyQuester has often wondered...

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