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Week - 585

Song of Silence: Part One
by fields_of_gold
Description: "It should be any day now," murmured a mother Draik, who lay by her nest, resting her snout on the closest of the three eggs inside.

Week - 586

Song of Silence: Part Two
by fields_of_gold
Description: "It's a chalk-board, see?" Damien took it from her and drew on it using the stub of white chalk tied to a string. "Once we teach you to write, you'll be able to communicate just like us."

Week - 587

Song of Silence: Part Three
by fields_of_gold
Description: "Father!" Blossom cried, watching, horrified, as he dropped out of the sky and plunged headfirst through the ice and disappeared.

Week - 588

Song of Silence: Part Four
by fields_of_gold
Description: "What have we got to lose?" Damien said, not voicing his fears from that morning for his daughter's sake.

"Everything," Rosemarie said desperately.

Week - 589

Song of Silence: Part Five
by fields_of_gold
Description: Desdamona landed in the cave that evening in high spirits, and smiled as her siblings clustered around her eagerly, wanting to know what had happened.

Week - 590

Song of Silence: Part Six
by fields_of_gold
Description: Weeks passed, and Desdamona and Sofia met to practise every day. It was the only thing that gave the voiceless little Draik hope...

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