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Week - 312

New Research Reveals Hidden Dangers of Deserted Tomb
by serissa98
Description: "The evidence is clear," Professor Harriman concluded, "that an anomaly in the space-time continuum exists around the deserted tomb..."

Week - 318

Roo Island's Biggest Scheme... I Mean, Game
by serissa98
Description: "Can we please play?" begged Moongfire, doing that cute little wing flutter I always couldn't resist...

Week - 327

Meepits - World Conquerors with "Adorable Buckteeth"
by serissa98
Description: Meepits are indeed dangerous creatures.

Week - 330

Onions In the Sink
by serissa98
Description: "Wow," she said finally. "We've been working so long, it almost seems wrong to suddenly have everything we've been dreaming of..."

Week - 420

by serissa98
Description: "Oh, Kauvara, do be careful. You just dripped on one of my plushies."

Week - 587

There Are No How-To Books for Aspiring Ninjas: Part One
by serissa98
Description: Orion looked at himself in the mirror. Big green eyes, fluffy tail, adorable green stripe, yes, he was cute. They were fine with that. But he wasn't satisfied with cute. He wanted more than that in life.

Week - 588

There Are No How-To Books for Aspiring Ninjas: Part Two
by serissa98
Description: He plopped himself down on a relatively cool rock and rummaged through his backpack for the bottle of water. He pulled it out, then froze. In the flickering light, he could see the angry stare of a dark faerie...

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