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Week - 422

Neovision News Network: Incompetence
by dragon_imaginer
Description: Good Neopians, this is Chexe Thorn, Neovision News anchor, reporting to you live from Faerieland!

Week - 456

The Scented Candle
by dragon_imaginer
Description: Even the littlest baby Neopet knows that you should never agitate a Poogle while it is resting.

Week - 467

History of the Vampire: Part One
by dragon_imaginer
Description: Lessee walked confidently down the dark, dusty path through the Woods. Venue padded silently behind her, clasping his hands together nervously.

Week - 468

History of the Vampire: Part Two
by dragon_imaginer
Description: "I was hoping this would create a Halloween-like appearance. Yet still, I have found no takers."

Week - 469

History of the Vampire: Part Three
by dragon_imaginer
Description: Too late. As soon as the bolt within the lock twisted, the Blumaroo thrust the cage door open...

Week - 470

History of the Vampire: Part Four
by dragon_imaginer
Description: Slowly, Lessee turned to see a looming figure, wreathed in the darkness in the opposite corner of her room. She could barely make out the shape of a Blumaroo...

Week - 471

History of the Vampire: Part Five
by dragon_imaginer
Description: "This time, there was a drastic difference. The skull dice came up double sixes, the highest number possible, and the room began to shudder..."

Week - 478

Outcasts: Part One
by dragon_imaginer
Description: "You want to leave, Daffodil? Do you have any idea what it is like there?"

Week - 479

Outcasts: Part Two
by dragon_imaginer
Description: "Excuse me," the girl asked tentatively, "I'm new to this place, and I was wondering if you could tell me what I'm supposed to do?"

Week - 480

Outcasts: Part Three
by dragon_imaginer
Description: Daffodil was baffled. School was far more complicated than she had expected. And the other pets DID, in fact, own proper shoes!

Week - 481

Outcasts: Part Four
by dragon_imaginer
Description: The sleepover had turned out to be a success.

Week - 575

All That Effort
by dragon_imaginer
Description: One last bit of advice - don't pick fights with the resident Battledome pet, and you'll be just fine this Christmas ;)!

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