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Week - 518

The Unfortunate Reality of Test Your Strength
by qelato
Description: Happy Halloween!

Week - 520

Meanwhile, at Kiss The Mortog...
by qelato
Description: Kissy Kissy Kissy!

Week - 521

"Surprise Inside" Indeed!
by qelato
Description: Beware those hungry kadoaties!

Week - 522

Kass Basher: Revenge
by qelato
Description: Don't try this at home!

Week - 526

A Very Kookith Christmas
by qelato
Description: Merry Christmas!

Week - 540

If You Took the Bandaid Off a Kiko...
by qelato
Description: Finally, the mystery is unraveled!

Week - 544

Ten Tips to Feed Florg
by qelato
Description: Help Florg eat his dinner with these ten essential tips!

Week - 548

How to Be a Petpet Crusader: A Petpet Rescue Guide
by qelato
Description: Petpet Rescue is demystified in my step-by-step walkthrough - complete with 8 helpful tips!

Week - 568

The Benefits of Being a Pumpkin JubJub on Halloween
by qelato
Description: Just think of the possibilities!

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