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Week - 224

Skeiths; Malicious or Misunderstood?
by katiecoo802
Description: When most Neopians hear the word ‘Skeith’, the first thing they think of is the lazy, rude, and greedy dragon-like image that most of us are familiar with. And they wouldn’t be all wrong; many do fit this exact description.

Week - 244

Fancy Living: What High Class Color is Your Pet?
by katiecoo802
Description: Of course, you’re probably very familiar with the paint brush colors, but which high ranking style is for you? This quick quiz will help you answer that very question...

Week - 269

What Pet Are You? The Ultimate Personality Quiz
by katiecoo802
Description: So, here you are, Neopia; the ultimate 'What Pet are you?' quiz, only three questions long and no tedious tallying points. I know, I'm too kind to all of you.

Week - 496

Infamous: Which Neopian Villain Are You?
by katiecoo802
Description: We all have that tiny little part of us that wants to take over the entire world and have thousands of loyal minions bowing before our almighty power, ultimate power!

Week - 512

Palatable Pets and Petpets of Neopia
by katiecoo802
Description: The Month of Gathering is host to easily the most delicious festival in all of Neopia—the Chocolate Ball!

Week - 525

Travel Bug: Which Mini-World is Right for You?
by katiecoo802
Description: Are you fed up with city life? Aching to get away from the crowded neighborhoods and hordes of tourists?

Week - 535

Fashion Frenzy: What kind of Customizer are you?
by katiecoo802
Description: With this simple quiz you, YES, YOU! will be able to determine your styling personality and be on your way to fabulous customizations for your pets (and a cleaner closet).

Week - 555

Dressing the Part - Discovery of Meridell
by katiecoo802
Description: Since King Skarl first founded Meridell, Neopians have come together each year to celebrate the kingdom's discovery...

Week - 556

Paintbrush Peculiarities
by katiecoo802
Description: Neopia is filled with pets who defy their color standards, and today I'm here to tell you about some of the coolest, most unique, or just plain oddest colors you can paint your pet.

Week - 560

Dressing the Part – Summer in Neopia
by katiecoo802
Description: I've whipped up four sun-drenched, diverse looks to help you with your summer customizations regardless of your plans.

Week - 563

Dressing the Part—Faerie Festival
by katiecoo802
Description: It's time once again for the most ethereal of Neopian celebrations, the Faerie Festival!

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