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Week - 476

Peppered Reality: Unsanitary
by rivliex
Description: Pie just likes to keep his hands clean. U_U

Week - 475

Peppered Reality: Xmas Special
by rivliex
Description: Wish lists can really tell a lot about a character's personality...

Week - 492

Peppered Reality: Boochi
by rivliex
Description: Because it takes muscle to blink.

Week - 493

Peppered Reality: Negg Hunting
by rivliex
Description: We're from that comic, "Salty Dreams".

Week - 494

Peppered Reality: "Poke it with a Stick"
by rivliex
Description: Can I break off one of your Aisha ears?

Idea by hawk400206

Week - 496

Peppered Reality: Boochi Aftermath
by rivliex
Description: Respect your elders! *ducks* Or not!

Idea by hawk400206

Week - 500

Peppered Reality: 500th NT Special
by rivliex
Description: No comic here.

Week - 501

Peppered Reality: Split part 1 of 2
by rivliex
Description: PIE. SHUT. UP. NOW.

Week - 502

Peppered Reality: Split part 2 of 2
by rivliex
Description: It all makes sense now... or does it?

Week - 503

Peppered Reality: Fuzzle
by rivliex
Description: Introducing: Stalker Fuzzle!

Week - 515

Peppered Reality: Eating Habits
by rivliex
Description: The right hemisphere is considered a delicacy.

Week - 518

Peppered Reality: Halloween Special
by rivliex
Description: Shovels are just so useful!

Idea by tatewhitenoise

Week - 526

Peppered Reality: Xmas Special
by rivliex
Description: Oh minimal coloring, I see what you did there.

Week - 535

Peppered Reality: New Guy part 1
by rivliex
Description: Why yes, the artist is regressing to lazy ways.

Week - 536

Peppered Reality: New Guy part 2
by rivliex
Description: *pulls eyelids down in frustration*

Week - 537

Peppered Reality: New Guy part 3
by rivliex
Description: Don't act like YOU never ate YOUR crayons!

Week - 550

Peppered Reality: New Guy part 4
by rivliex
Description: When in doubt, pound yourself.

Week - 559

Peppered Reality: Mutant Day Special
by rivliex
Description: In which having binocular vision is much appreciated.

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