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Week - 441

Smelly Wearables!
by lilyed
Description: *sniff sniff*

Week - 445

Questing for Social Skills
by lilyed
Description: Even water faeries need to socialize sometimes.

Idea by grandiosity

Week - 450

WeeWoo Police
by lilyed
Description: *run*

Idea by jessijenni

Week - 460

The Mysterious Cave
by lilyed
Description: I'm going inside.

Idea by solight_king

Week - 467

Celebrating Solo
by winters_footsteps
Description: On the night vampires and Halloween pets come out to play.

Art by lilyed

Week - 473

Why We Can't Have a Petpetpet Lab Ray
by lilyed
Description: mew.

Idea by juicedlime

Week - 474

An Everyday Routine
by lilyed
Description: The ray is fired...

Idea by frankie8492

Week - 476

A Joke Gone Bad
by lilyed
Description: *grumble*

Idea by frankie8492

Week - 477

Exceeding Expectations
by winters_footsteps
Description: Sometimes people will surprise you!

Art by lilyed

Week - 481

Valentines at the Kadoatery
by lilyed
Description: Mew?

Idea by tsuchityka

Week - 483

Turmac Shortage
by lilyed
Description: Ever since Turmaculus moved here...

Idea by frankie8492

Week - 484

Avatar Woes
by lilyed
Description: Completely.

Idea by sylviau

Week - 485

The Missing Vegetables
by lilyed
Description: I can't find any of them!

Idea by gloomyparadise

Week - 489

How Punny!
by lilyed
Description: And yourself?

Idea by bowlofpho

Week - 500

The Weewoo Chronicles
by gloomyparadise
Description: How the Weewoo became mascot...

Art by lilyed

Week - 521

Unexpected Surprises
by lilyed
Description: In celebration of Neopets' 12th birthday.

Idea by bowlofpho

Week - 532

Celebrating Solo
by winters_footsteps
Description: You are special, love yourself.

Art by lilyed

Week - 559

Three Perks to Having a Mutant Hissi
by lilyed
Description: No fair!

Idea by unexploded

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