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Week - 427

Princess Aratemese
by pretsel_is_back
Description: Ara dropped her pencil in surprise. Friday, why must it be due on Friday?

Week - 440

The Essay
by pretsel_is_back
Description: Finally, he reached Ara's desk. This is it, she thought. My A+ is in the bag!

Week - 442

Training BeautysBeat
by pretsel_is_back
Description: Uni. Battledome. Until you read this story, you'd probably think these words would NEVER go together.

Week - 450

Of Rivalries and Sandwiches: Part One
by pretsel_is_back
Description: "You guys take sandwiches way too literally."

Week - 451

Of Rivalries and Sandwiches: Part Two
by pretsel_is_back
Description: "I have plenty of time to sleep," Andrea told herself.

Week - 463

Chronicles of the Chosen: The Last Battle - Part One
by pretsel_is_back
Description: I'm not a freak, I thought to myself. I'm... erm...

Week - 464

Chronicles of the Chosen: The Last Battle - Part Two
by pretsel_is_back
Description: "YOU'VE GOT TO HELP! Jhudora's going to take over the world if we don't work together and reunite everyone and... THE FUTURE'S AT STAKE, PEOPLE!"

Yep, even I was surprised by my calmness.

Week - 465

Chronicles of the Chosen: The Last Battle - Part Three
by pretsel_is_back
Description: "Have you ever dreamt that something would happen, and it did?"

Week - 466

Chronicles of the Chosen: The Last Battle - Part Four
by pretsel_is_back
Description: "What do you want, Jhudora?" Kathryn asked, glaring at the Dark Faerie.

"To deliver a warning, perhaps," Jhudora answered.

Week - 467

Chronicles of the Chosen: The Last Battle - Part Five
by pretsel_is_back
Description: "Don't go there," Fyora warned.

Week - 468

The Spellbook (of DOOM)
by pretsel_is_back
Description: Note to self: Dustinany + Spellbook = Bad combo.

Week - 473

by pretsel_is_back
Description: "Don't you see them?"

Kyle looked around the empty field.

Week - 476

The Hole in the Attic
by pretsel_is_back
Description: "It all started this morning around 9 o'clock…"

Week - 478

Neopian Idol
by pretsel_is_back
Description: "Try to contain your enthusiasm as you CALMLY enter the house..."


Week - 489

Rivalry's Origins
by pretsel_is_back
Description: You didn't ACTUALLY think Illusen was a goody two-shoes, right?

Week - 556

Chronicles of the Chosen: Taking Flight - Part One
by pretsel_is_back
Description: Desperately Jhudora's burning eyes scanned the hall for something, anything, which was dark enough to stare at with some decency. But alas, the floors were a muted orchid (still pink), garnished with mauve rugs covered in swirling designs. The ceiling was an almost sugary sort of pink...

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