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Week - 451

The Secret of the Kiko Bandage
by peirigill
Description: Abhari had only a split-second to react, as he heard first a bump, then a THUD, then a sound like a Yooyuball being flattened. "Oof!"

Week - 479

A Lutari Dreams of Home
by peirigill
Description: But ever since the Red Lutari had returned from a trip exploring the skerries around Mystery Island, he seemed withdrawn, even sad...

Week - 486

The Citadel Quest: Part One
by peirigill
Description: It started out small at first. Just a tiny tickle in the throat, hardly noticeable. But now, Senhal lay in bed, delirious from fever, fighting for his life.

Week - 487

The Citadel Quest: Part Two
by peirigill
Description: Lord Darigan's castle, rising high on the mount like an iron first preparing to strike, cast a gloomy shadow across the whole of the Darigan Citadel.

Week - 488

The Citadel Quest: Part Three
by peirigill
Description: "You'll find, sir, that I am extremely skilled at reading people and anticipating their next move."

Week - 489

The Citadel Quest: Part Four
by peirigill
Description: Xucrão had saved Peican from injury, but at the cost of vaulting himself into the boobytrapped room...

Week - 490

The Citadel Quest: Part Five
by peirigill
Description: "For far too long, it has been Meridell's tragic failure to take rather than ask, to wage war rather than engage in fair trade."

Week - 498

Phidianne and the Five Hundredth Dubloon: Part One
by peirigill
Description: I didn't know Faerieland had fallen, of course. Out in the islands, the disappearance of the faeries hadn't affected us much at first.

Week - 499

Phidianne and the Five Hundredth Dubloon: Part Two
by peirigill
Description: 'Twas a dark day indeed for my uncle's ship, the Five Hundredth Dubloon...

Week - 500

Phidianne and the Five Hundredth Dubloon: Part Three
by peirigill
Description: "Third time's the charm," I thought, as my uncle's pirated schooner, the Five Hundredth Dubloon, sailed away...

Week - 531

Showdown at Brightness Reef: Part One
by peirigill
Description: With his azure and aquamarine swirls, the Flotsam seemed a giant skipping stone of living water. After a sudden backwards flip, he plunged below the surface. Moments later, in an explosion of aquatic grace, he burst forth from the depths...

Also by solsticesprite

Week - 532

Showdown at Brightness Reef: Part Two
by peirigill
Description: As a courier for the Peophinny Express, he had discovered signs of a new maractite vein in that remote underwater village. His task was to lead his team back to the volcanic reef and investigate.

Also by solsticesprite

Week - 533

Showdown at Brightness Reef: Part Three
by peirigill
Description: He had been moved by the Lutaris' purpose for seeking the maractite: to armor a ship with the water-resistant mineral so it could penetrate the Lutari Island storm and bring news and relief to that beleaguered land...

Also by solsticesprite

Week - 553

Putting the Band Back Together
by peirigill
Description: Your Neopets don't know how to play? No problem! Neopia's bookstores carry guides on how to perform most every kind of music imaginable.

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