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Week - 390

Faerie Quest
by dragon_soul__
Description: "Something has happened!"

"AARGH!" Ben yelled, thrashing about, getting tangled up in the duvet and falling out of bed.

Week - 420

The Morphing Potion
by dragon_soul__
Description: "...Ben?" Tatsu said carefully. Last time she saw him, Ben had still been a white Kougra. She hated it when he came back totally unrecognisable.

Week - 439

Werelupe Chronicles: The Search - Part One
by dragon_soul__
Description: "When you said you were going out to find your father," Marion said angrily, "I didn't know you meant Werelupe Forest."

Week - 440

Werelupe Chronicles: The Search - Part Two
by dragon_soul__
Description: They were in Werelupe Forest.

So why weren't there any Werelupes?

Week - 449

A Growing Family
by dragon_soul__
Description: "Wow, we need to throw a party!" Lola yelled, jumping up onto the other sofa.

Week - 550

A House Divided Cannot Stand: Part One
by dragon_soul__
Description: "I have the best family altogether," Moondatta said. "We're pretty cool, really."

"Yeah," Ben agreed. "We are pretty awesome, aren't we?"

Week - 551

A House Divided Cannot Stand: Part Two
by dragon_soul__
Description: "I've had enough," Dragon repeated coldly, folding her arms and glaring at them both. "I've warned you a thousand times. Maybe if you'd listened to me, this wouldn't be happening."

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