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Week - 158

Sutek Muffin
by thegreenmooseofdoom
Description: You just don't understand...

Week - 166

Vira's Mirror: Part One
by thegreenmooseofdoom
Description: Vira narrowed her eyes. "Do you not care about eternal glory? I can take beauty as easily as I can grant it, you know." The parchment turned into the mirror for a second, then turned back.

Week - 167

Vira's Mirror: Part Two
by thegreenmooseofdoom
Description: "You're not yourself anymore. You've only been coming out of your room to eat, and now you've stopped even doing that. It's not healthy. Even your appearance has changed. What's wrong, Starseek? You can tell me."

Week - 168

Vira's Mirror: Part Three
by thegreenmooseofdoom
Description: "BOO!" Vira apparated right in front of them, scaring them out of their wits. "Come to save your precious Neopet, girl?" she swooped down, grabbed Moose, and threw her against a tree.

Week - 172

Sutek Muffin
by thegreenmooseofdoom
Description: What's purple and fuzzy?

Week - 177

Sutek Muffin
by thegreenmooseofdoom
Description: Why the long face?

Week - 250

Sutek Muffin
by thegreenmooseofdoom
Description: Huzzah!

Week - 550

Sutek Muffin
by thegreenmooseofdoom
Description: It says here you Aishas have a penchant for magic.

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