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Week - 305

A Neopian History Lesson: Chapter 1
by buffylemon
Description: Some of the more interesting facts about Neopian History you don't know about. Let's start with a little Meridell History...

Week - 361

Oh the love of Fuzzies!
by buffylemon
Description: People think Fuzzles are evil, but the truth is they are all just afraid... afraid of one species...

Week - 403

Tale of Woe - Part 1 - The Beginning
by buffylemon
Description: Once there was a kingdom full of light, joy, and freedom. Ruled by a kind King and loving Queen, all was well...

Week - 404

Tale of Woe - Part 2 - The Seer
by buffylemon
Description: In his darkest times he searched for a beacon of light. He found a seer of all that is past, present, and future.

Week - 405

Tale of Woe - Part 3 - The Vision
by buffylemon
Description: She told him of his beginnings. She showed him his love. She set him on his path for revenge.

Week - 406

Tale of Woe - Part 4 - The Adventure
by buffylemon
Description: Run. That's all that came to his mind. Run. Run like the wind or it will all end.

Week - 407

Tale of Woe - Part 5 - The Labyrinth
by buffylemon
Description: He ran head first into the darkness. The creature he sought after was finally within his grasp!

Week - 408

Tale of Woe - Part 6 - Peace
by buffylemon
Description: After all is done, there is nothing but peace left for those who survived.

Week - 409

Plushie Emporium of Horrors
by buffylemon
Description: How could anything bad happen in a Plushie Shop?

Week - 437

Biscuit Blues
by buffylemon
Description: What happened to the new Biscuit Gelert? Poor thing...

Week - 550

Trip to the Mall
by buffylemon
Description: My Hissis enjoy going to the NC Mall, but they don't seem to understand how to wear all the clothing that is sold...

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