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Week - 501

The Heir To Altador
by madidogs88
Description: The story behind King Altador's greatest secret...

Week - 512

A First Time For Everything: Part One
by madidogs88
Description: Nothing could pull Altodar away from his precious books, not even King Altador himself.

Week - 513

A First Time For Everything: Part Two
by madidogs88
Description: Timu would probably never want to talk to him again. And Altodar would have to live with the fact that it was all his fault.

Week - 514

A First Time For Everything: Part Three
by madidogs88
Description: Blewby grinned from ear to ear. "Since Altador Cup games have been postponed until next week, there's a meet and greet with all the players scheduled tomorrow!"

Week - 522

The Doctor's Tale: Part One
by madidogs88
Description: "I see you recognize me," he says. "Most do, unfortunately. There was a time when I was known for my kindness, but alas, that time is no more."

Week - 523

The Doctor's Tale: Part Two
by madidogs88
Description: "So what happened next?" you ask, intrigued by the old man's story. "Did the Kacheek family kick you out? Is that why you became Dr. Death?"

Week - 524

The Doctor's Tale: Part Three
by madidogs88
Description: I shivered. Maybe I had been brought to Terror Mountain. Maybe I was outside the Snowager's cave, waiting to be fed to him.

Week - 525

The Doctor's Tale: Part Four
by madidogs88
Description: "It was not by choice..."

Week - 526

The Doctor's Tale: Part Five
by madidogs88
Description: "I searched for years. I looked in every square inch of Terror Mountain, from Happy Valley to the Top of the Mountain. He must have found a family and moved somewhere else. Eventually I lost hope. Neopia is a big place, and my little Puppyblew could be anywhere."

Week - 527

The Doctor's Tale: Part Six
by madidogs88
Description: "That was all I would ever be. It was too late the moment I was created."

Week - 544

What's in a Name?
by madidogs88
Description: I held tight to Candy's wing as we approached the metal entrance. She trembled slightly but kept her chin up, a determined gleam in her eyes.

Week - 547

To Feel the Sun
by madidogs88
Description: I closed my eyes, but the bars remained, burned into my vision from years of staring through them.

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