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Week - 494

Trouble At the Neggery
by emma_manatee
Description: "Alright, I'll be back in a week to check in on you. Be careful, we don't want anything happening to those precious Neggs!" Kari gave me a wink...

Week - 498

The Winner's Curse
by emma_manatee
Description: The Lost Desert Team would be the first champion to win the gold again. He was sure of it.

Week - 531

Aubrey's Avinroo Addiction
by emma_manatee
Description: "Girl, you are obsessed with that Annoyingly Arrogant Airhead."

Week - 546

Transmogrification: Part One
by emma_manatee
Description: Once upon a time, in a faraway land, there was an Aisha princess. She was the daughter of the highest nobility, and a more spoiled princess you couldn't find anywhere...

Week - 547

Transmogrification: Part Two
by emma_manatee
Description: "Joseph! What did you give her?" The Kacheek stared at him...

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