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Week - 321

30 Omelettes You DON'T Want To Find In Tyrannia
by anamya
Description: Mummified omelette. A recipe from the Lost Desert brought to the far land of Tyrannia a long time ago. Unforgettable one million year taste, you'll see.

Week - 328

Quiz: What Kind of Avatar Collector Are You?
by anamya
Description: There are many reasons for people collecting avatars in Neopia - and many ways to do it.

Week - 335

Fifteen Great Non-Chocolate Easter Gifts!
by anamya
Description: As everyone is looking for tasty chocolates to offer to their friends, what about choosing something more original?

Week - 334

Illusen-Themed Activities to Celebrate Illusen Day
by anamya
Description: The most obvious thing to do today is going to Meridell, stepping into Illusen's Glade and asking her for a quest.

Week - 343

Don't Lose Your Head!
by anamya
Description: Some people say Headless items are scary...

Week - 360

Which Faerie Should You Fear?
by anamya
Description: Answer ten simple questions and find out who would be your faerie nemesis.

Week - 454

The Adventures of the Young Chia Detective
by anamya
Description: Early in the morning, the Jam Palace is the best place to think about the mysteries I solve, because everyone is still sleeping and I can use the tables to put lots of papers and notes.

Week - 546

Which Neopian Monarch Rules Your Life?
by anamya
Description: Answer these 10 questions and find out which Neopian ruler has the strongest influence on your life.

Week - 547

The 10 Must-Have Items For Your Elderly Neopet
by anamya
Description: Elderly boys and Elderly girls need special care. Their fur or scales may not be so bright, their eyesight not so sharp, but they are very much loved by their owners!

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