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Week - 516

Cloud Flute: Part One
by aquadaika
Description: "He was a Draik, though he was different from the ones we know now. To say he was huge would be an understatement. This beast was colossal, with a tail so thick it could uproot mountains and wings so massive they could blot out the sun."

Week - 517

Cloud Flute: Part Two
by aquadaika
Description: "Now, I want you to fetch me something. I hear you can get past any guard. Am I right?"

Week - 518

Cloud Flute: Part Three
by aquadaika
Description: Laerya's household had settled at the table to enjoy a wholesome breakfast, prepared by the 'chef' Elora. Unfortunately, plans for a tasty breakfast were now out of the question.

Week - 519

Cloud Flute: Part Four
by aquadaika
Description: By now the sun had almost disappeared and the sky was growing dark. Laerya grinned with triumph as she saw a huge field stretch before her – they had made it to the Endless Plains.

Week - 520

Cloud Flute: Part Five
by aquadaika
Description: The further they went, the darker it got, until eventually they were swallowed up by the darkness. Lae had good eyes, but they weren't sharp enough to see through the gloom.

Week - 521

Cloud Flute: Part Six
by aquadaika
Description: "How come you came after me?" Lae asked him curiously.

"I... can't let you... go do stupid stuff and... get hurt..." Akorri panted...

Week - 522

Cloud Flute: Part Seven
by aquadaika
Description: A vicious howl reached her ears. Daring to open her eyes to slits, she saw Vacerus reel back, shaking his mighty head in frustration...

Week - 523

Cloud Flute: Part Eight
by aquadaika
Description: A single tuneless note escaped the flute, blowing through the air, a gentle breeze carrying it towards Vacerus. It was as if time had slowed down...

Week - 541

Greenglade: Part One
by aquadaika
Description: Laerya and Akorri had been traveling together for several days now. Lae, the Cybunny, had recently started learning magic – she'd taken an interest in the element of light, but her ability was limited.

Week - 542

Greenglade: Part Two
by aquadaika
Description: "That may not be enough," Jacky said. "Most of the people here are born with magical ability."

Week - 543

Greenglade: Part Three
by aquadaika
Description: "I want you to try and summon your light magic."

Lae held her hands out, watching them. She felt faint energy coursing through her arms...

Week - 544

Greenglade: Part Four
by aquadaika
Description: "I can't leave until we've discussed what your group does around Greenglade." She tried her best to feign confidence, though she was trembling inside.

Week - 545

Greenglade: Part Five
by aquadaika
Description: "Since when has it been our duty to stop her?" Akorri replied, his eyes wide...

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