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Week - 248

The Reason Behind It
by foxo11
Description: You mightn't have noticed it, but Lupes get the limelight in plots. Maybe there's a good reason.

Week - 288

How to Get That Fabulous Pet You've Always Wanted
by foxo11
Description: There's lots of ways to change your pets, aren't there?

Week - 424

How to Out-Duel on the Decks
by foxo11
Description: Learn how to get the highest of scores in Neopia's new favourite card game!

Week - 539

Cater For Your Pet in the Month of Eating
by foxo11
Description: Celebrating the Month of Eating is generally a cause for overindulgence, bulgy tummies and sugar overload. However studies show that letting your neopets take part in this yearly occurrence doesn't have to be a belly ache; choose the right foods and your pet could be on the way to setting up healthy habits for life!

Week - 543

Caring For Your Pet When Sickness Strikes
by foxo11
Description: It's virtually impossible to keep your pet away from all the nasty sicknesses in Neopia...

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