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Week - 169

Red Boots, Green Pencil
by shadyy15
Description: When Jupe came home he was delighted to see his father had gone out to work. He dropped his bag in the entrance hall, took a few steps back and stared at the scene. His father was an absolute control-freak.

Week - 210

Violin for Timothy
by shadyy15
Description: Only one young Neopet slouched slowly towards the gates, carrying a brown leather briefcase and wearing a brown cap on top of his black hair. He hesitated at the border of the barred gates, pondering whether he should cross into the other world, the one that separated him from school...

Week - 380

The Sword of Brightvale: Part One
by shadyy15
Description: "A story about my family, but from a very, very long time ago, when Meridell had another king and court. A story of intrigue, deception, knights, but also of wit and intelligence."

Week - 381

The Sword of Brightvale: Part Two
by shadyy15
Description: "Look! There they come," said Briseis as she pointed towards three blurry shapes running out of the castle and taking the path to the city...

Week - 396

The Wondrous Woes of Dr. Wilbur: The Case of the Purse and the Pickpocket
by shadyy15
Description: I must admit I've never written a story. Never. It must be said that until now my many chivalrous and substantial actions prevented me from doing so.

Week - 467

Dr. Augustus F. Wilbur and the Witch's Pustules
by shadyy15
Description: I decided to venture outside in the dead of the night, my courage being without limitations and boundaries.

Week - 486

Dr. Wilbur's Fantastic and Grand Illusen Day Adventure
by shadyy15
Description: Once again, dear fan, I have picked up my priceless gilded quill to regale you with another tale of courage and selflessness.

Week - 500

The Amazing Dr. Wilbur and the Treasure of Five-hundred
by shadyy15
Description: Dear Dr. A.F. Wilbur,

Request your immediate assistance at NT HQ for most delicate and secret matter.

Week - 513

Saved by Grey
by shadyy15
Description: "If only it could rain," she whispered softly into the breeze.

Week - 518

The Fantastic Dr Wilbur and the Drackonack's Toenail
by shadyy15
Description: Dear reader, 

It is my great joy and pleasure to introduce to you another riveting and hair-curling account of my most recent and scary adventures.

Week - 540

by shadyy15
Description: I decided to leave. Goodbye Qasala, hello new life. It was going to be brilliant!

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