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Week - 445

Oh Em Gee, I'm MSP
by shamaela
Description: So, our fortune is to find a Rod of Supernova at the Wishing Well, eh?

Week - 446

Oh Em Gee, I'm M.S.P: I want to bake a cake!
by shamaela
Description: What happens when an MSP Poogle and a Strawberry Gelert bake a cake?

Week - 456

O.M.G. I'm M.S.P: The Alien
by shamaela
Description: Its disguise is FLAWLESS. O__O

Week - 468

Oh Em Gee, I'm M.S.P: Underwater Fishing
by shamaela
Description: Ohhhh, we all thought no harm could come from a little fishing... v__v

Week - 494

Oh Em Gee, I'm MSP: Icecream
by shamaela
Description: TigerSQUASH! Now scream for the icecream. ;D

Week - 514

Oh Em Gee, I'm MSP: Cooties
by shamaela
Description: Oh, the cute exterior of P3s... and the gooey interior? o3o

Week - 515

Oh Em Gee, I'm MSP
by shamaela
Description: I didn't think Mo needed an imaginary friend. o3o

Week - 516

Oh Em Gee, I'm MSP: Happy Negg?
by shamaela
Description: Happy neggs will make ANYONE happy C:

Week - 528

Oh Em Gee, I'm MSP: Habitarium
by shamaela
Description: Plotting?

Week - 529

Oh Em Gee, I'm MSP: More Jelly!
by shamaela
Description: Jelly pets: a neverending supply of lame puns (Y)

Week - 530

Oh Em Gee, I'm MSP: Aged Pets
by shamaela
Description: Color: Baby

Week - 531

Oh Em Gee, I'm MSP: Tarla's Shop of Mystery
by shamaela
Description: Come one, come all...

Week - 532

Oh Em Gee, I'm MSP: Eglet
by shamaela
Description: It was possible for Mo to be responsible for three minutes. Then he failed.

Week - 534

Oh Em Gee, I'm M.S.P!
by shamaela
Description: Wait, that's not-

Week - 535

Oh Em Gee, I'm MSP
by shamaela
Description: Dice-a-roo is a really UNnecessary evil. :K

Week - 536

Oh Em Gee, I'm MSP: Hugs Are Evil
by shamaela
Description: Focus...

Week - 538

Oh Em Gee, I'm MSP: The Mail Faerie
by shamaela
Description: Homophones are our enemies Dx

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