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Week - 517

One Hundred Thousand Dubloons
by nintyplayer
Description: An old Blumaroo tells a story about when he was a youngin'.

Week - 518

My Life for the Haunted Woods
by nintyplayer
Description: It is a commonly known fact that the Haunted Woods north of the desert are dangerous at night.

Week - 522

Nox and The Swamp Ghoul
by nintyplayer
Description: What Neopia's villains do with their time off.

Week - 528

The End: A Shoyru Tale - Part One
by nintyplayer
Description: "I, Doctor Frank Sloth, the most intelligent creature in the universe, have returned once more. Do not panic, for it will do you no good."

Week - 529

The End: A Shoyru Tale - Part Two
by nintyplayer
Description: "What business do you have here!?" hissed the presumed owner of the home.

She was a Dark Faerie...

Week - 530

The End: A Shoyru Tale - Part Three
by nintyplayer
Description: "The Shadow Faerie is fairly famous, Shoyru," she began. "After all, she is Fyora's sister."

Week - 531

The End: A Shoyru Tale - Part Four
by nintyplayer
Description: After the flash, the entire room was filled with light grey smoke. "Are we under attack!?" the Snow Faerie yelled...

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