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Week - 472

The Goofers
by lintsuf
Description: My first comic! :)

Week - 477

The Goofers
by lintsuf
Description: If you don't know yet, Xweetoks would just do ANYTHING for jellybeans...

Week - 484

The Goofers - Horror Singer
by lintsuf
Description: Even singing could be a ghastly weapon...

Week - 488

The Goofers
by lintsuf
Description: Juggling IS a weird thing.

Week - 491

The Goofers
by lintsuf
Description: You don't mess with Xweetoks when it comes to jellybeans!

Week - 496

The Goofers
by lintsuf
Description: ALWAYS do your own homework...

Week - 498

The Goofers - Lovin it!
by lintsuf
Description: Yes, I know... they're awesome.

Week - 506

The Goofers - Baby Problem, part 1
by lintsuf
Description: Never say never.

Week - 508

The Goofers - Baby Problem, part 2
by lintsuf
Description: What has the horrendous Boochi done???

Week - 509

The Goofers - Baby Problem, part 3
by lintsuf
Description: It is a truth universally acknowledged, that alas, Paint Brushes are...

Week - 510

The Goofers - Baby Problem, part 4
by lintsuf
Description: It's all about skills...

Week - 512

The Goofers - Baby Problem, part 5
by lintsuf
Description: That's life...

Week - 515

The Goofers - Baby Problem, part 6
by lintsuf
Description: Was she selling something???

Week - 526

Baby Problem, part 7
by lintsuf
Description: We turned the whole cabinet upside down...

Week - 527

The Goofers - Baby Problem, final
by lintsuf
Description: ...and so, the farce is finally over...

Week - 529

The Goofers - Baby Problem, Epilogue
by lintsuf
Description: Just one more thing...

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