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Week - 403

Am I REALLY That Mean?
by cloudpuffpuff
Description: Yeah, my life started out just fine. Besides the fact my last name was Death, of course.

Week - 414

5 Steps to Dominating Neopia
by cloudpuffpuff
Description: Excellent. You are now my apprentice. I shall call you Bob.

Week - 417

Fashion For Minions
by cloudpuffpuff
Description: What? Minions can be fashionable too. =)

Week - 519

Baby Adventures: The Safety Deposit Box
by cloudpuffpuff
Description: "Come on!" shrieked a Baby Usul as she playfully leaped across the silk red carpet...

Week - 525

Gifts For a Princess: Part One
by cloudpuffpuff
Description: It was the first time she had ever gone Christmas shopping, and it was already a disaster. She couldn't believe people did this every year.

Week - 526

Gifts For a Princess: Part Two
by cloudpuffpuff
Description: "We can't go home tonight," murmured Equinare.

Toupahz looked horror-struck. "But it's Christmas Eve!" she cried.

Week - 527

A Tale of Two Unis: Part One
by cloudpuffpuff
Description: As the princess of Opalia and the rightful heir to the throne, I could actually call it my palace. I just didn't know that I was the last Neopian who would ever be able to do that...

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