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Week - 277

Moofins and Meepits Unit!: Buzz Dreams
by blackaavar_reborn
Description: Get it away!

Week - 379

Neopian Daze: Meet Urroo
by blackaavar_reborn
Description: *noms your face*

Week - 382

Neopian Daze: Meet Urroo 2
by blackaavar_reborn
Description: All of your comic are belonging to us.

Week - 397

Neopian Daze: New Petpet
by blackaavar_reborn
Description: Yes, he's just that mean.

Week - 490

Lame Pun
by blackaavar
Description: DURR, IT'S A HORSE.

Week - 516

Lame Pun Presents: Holiday Happenstance (part 1)
by blackaavar
Description: Now With %50 More Coffee

Week - 517

Lame Pun Presents: Holiday Happenstance (part 2)
by blackaavar
Description: Faeries, Who Needs 'Em? (we do)

Week - 518

Lame Pun Presents: Holiday Happenstance (part 3)
by blackaavar
Description: Will The Real Gnorbu Please Shut Up?

Week - 519

Lame Pun Presents: Holiday Happenstance (part 4)
by blackaavar
Description: Meet and Grin

Week - 520

Lame Pun Presents: Holiday Happenstance (part 5)
by blackaavar
Description: *tugs* Why is the mask stuck?

Week - 521

Lame Pun Presents: Holiday Happenstance (part 6)
by blackaavar
Description: Silver learns a lesson in Geography.

Week - 522

Lame Pun Presents: Holiday Happenstance (part 7)
by blackaavar
Description: See Antwerph, See Antwerph Run, Run Antwerph Run!

Week - 523

Lame Pun Presents: Holiday Happenstance (part 8)
by blackaavar
Description: Shop Til You Drop Got A New Meaning

Week - 524

Lame Pun Presents: Holiday Happenstance (part 9)
by blackaavar
Description: Coffee Break

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