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Week - 437

Key Quest and Heresy: A Second Look
by thatsextraheretical
Description: Thought for the day: A logical argument must be dismissed with absolute conviction!

Week - 439

Action Air Tales: Privateer's Bane!
by thatsextraheretical
Description: "You have been selected as one of the premier freelance aces to undertake a confidential mission to protect a classified cargo..."

Week - 448

Altador Cup Conspiracy Theories
by thatsextraheretical
Description: I've been there once or twice, but I've noticed things. I'm not sure what kind of slushies she's serving, but some of her customers get rather angry.

Week - 515

Blah Blah
by highwind20
Description: IT'S OVER 9000!!!

Idea by thatsextraheretical

Week - 517

A New Line of Work: Part One
by thatsextraheretical
Description: They also maintained a rather unofficial business of espionage and information gathering specialists excelling in not leaving a trace; that is to say, it was a spy agency...

Week - 518

A New Line of Work: Part Two
by thatsextraheretical
Description: "The contact's codename is 'West.' He is an Electric-painted Ruki, currently staying at the Setting Sun Inn, and he's supposed to meet you in about an hour in the lobby."

Week - 519

A New Line of Work: Part Three
by thatsextraheretical
Description: "Well, you have his ticket, Mori. I think you know what to do with it."

Week - 520

A New Line of Work: Part Four
by thatsextraheretical
Description: "Do you even know what you're doing with those?" she asked as he began to pull the various colored circuitry from the back of the panel.

"Nope," was his blunt reply...

Week - 521

A New Line of Work: Part Five
by thatsextraheretical
Description: "Nox curse it all!" Norton yelled, kicking the bulkhead in anger. This marked twice his former employee had narrowly escaped an untimely demise.

Week - 522

A New Line of Work: Part Six
by thatsextraheretical
Description: "Not only is he a jerk, he's a dumb villain, too," Kuvah remarked. Moriarti just shook his head.

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