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Week - 373

A Planning Guide to the New Neogardens
by akitera
Description: If you're like one of these Neopians who have yet to take up the task of gardening, why not take a look at some basic suggestions listed here...

Week - 372

The Great Day of Giving Mix-up
by akitera
Description: "Now! Now! This is the time for peace. It is the Month of Celebrating, after all." King Hagan rushed on as the others were now warily eyeing the mad doctor...

Also by monmaximus

Week - 387

Introducing Vani, the Baby Pet
by akitera
Description: She was larger than her Wocky sister now. It was proof that she was no longer painted Baby. Then she scowled as she suddenly remembered who made her that way in the first place.


Week - 436

A 5-Lesson Beginner's Guide to NC Item Trading
by akitera
Description: You find out that it's retired from the mall. But there's still hope yet since you can actually trade for it.

Week - 440

My Brand New Old Sister: A Species Change Story
by akitera
Description: "Eww, a Kacheek Life Potion?! There must be a mistake. Like, who will use this? None of us are Kacheeks!"

Week - 468

Preparing a Pet for the Battledome
by akitera
Description: If you haven't fought a single battle yet in the BD or would like to be more informed of how to go about preparing a pet for it, here's a simple and easy guide to help you on your way.

Week - 469

What Kind Of Neopet Owner Are You?
by akitera
Description: We all love our neopets but we care for them in different ways and sometimes, this is shown by how we prioritize and decide on things in relation to our pet.

Week - 471

The Guide to Being Vain: Tips from an Usuki Girl Usul
by akitera
Description: And so I thought to myself, why not share my experience in this matter?

Week - 519

Your Side Account: Things to Do on the Other Side
by akitera
Description: What else could we do with our side accounts?

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