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Week - 446

An Usul's Tail
by mrs_cherish
Description: "This is the last time I shall ever look like this," she whispered to herself, "no longer will I be a plain, boring, Yellow Usul. I will be a bright, fun Disco Usul!"

Week - 463

The Monster in the Pound
by mrs_cherish
Description: "It's not so bad in here. You get to meet lots of different Neopets from all kinds of interesting places, and you get used to the damp, and the food isn't so bad if you hold your nose and don't chew, and we play fun games like 'Guess the Infectious Disease' and-"

Week - 469

The Frugal Poogle
by mrs_cherish
Description: "So what?" laughed the little Usul, slurping up the last of her coffee. "It's not like you have something better to spend your precious Neopoints on."

Week - 475

Toddlers' Togs: A Guide to Dressing your Baby Neopet
by mrs_cherish
Description: Time to show those doubters how cute your Baby can be.

Week - 480

Toddlers' Treats: A Guide To Feeding Your Baby Neopet
by mrs_cherish
Description: I've taken my beloved baby Usul on a culinary tour of Neopia, sampling food from every land in a bid to find more tasty options for our toothless tots. Here's a list of some of the interesting toddler tidbits we found!

Week - 486

Toddlers' Toys: A Guide to Entertaining Your Baby Neopet
by mrs_cherish
Description: They have short attention-spans, they require constant supervision, and should they get bored, they have a tendency to resort to the most terrible acts of mischief!

Week - 518

Toddlers' Tricks and Treats: A Guide to Exploring Haunted Neopia with your Baby Neopet
by mrs_cherish
Description: For those of us with Baby Neopets, this exciting but macabre celebration poses something of a challenge; how do we involve our sweet, sensitive youngsters in the hair-raising fun without scaring them senseless?

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