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Week - 500

Who Needs A Family?: Part One
by miriel
Description: I had long since given up expecting them to keep me and therefore forsaken any hope of a family, eventually deciding that I was better off without one.

Week - 501

Who Needs A Family?: Part Two
by miriel
Description: "Brace yourself. Things tend to get a little out of hand when Lex isn't around."

Week - 502

Who Needs A Family?: Part Three
by miriel
Description: Just don't get too used to it, I told myself. They seem nice enough, but you know they won't want you around forever.

Week - 516

Family Gatherings: Joy, Terror and Chocolate Cake? - Part One
by miriel
Description: "Right, everyone, hop on," Lex said cheerfully. "We're all going to the Haunted Woods, 450237 Spyder Street, please."

Week - 517

Family Gatherings: Joy, Terror and Chocolate Cake? - Part Two
by miriel
Description: "Birthday breakfast!" Zee exclaimed, almost bouncing on the spot before spinning around and rushing out the door.

Week - 515

Baby Blues
by miriel
Description: "She had seven pets," she continued. "And they were all BABY!" She clapped her hands with glee as my stomach suddenly twisted.

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