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Week - 415

Three is Company: The Lost Temple
by jeran_b
Description: "Her? Them? Give me some details, you're leaving me a bit confused here," Jeran said.

Week - 452

Interview with Sophie the Swamp Witch
by jeran_b
Description: Hey there, fellow Neopians. Today I —hi, I'm Jerry Whitearrow—and my brother, Reggie are going to interview Sophie the swamp witch.

Week - 459

Haunted: Lost
by jeran_b
Description: "M-m-matt?" Jake said. "I think we're lost..."

Week - 490

Interview with Jhudora
by jeran_b
Description: As soon as I had decided to interview Jhudora, everyone seemed to have started to question my sanity, but...

Week - 517

by jeran_b
Description: "Lindy, hurry up, or the boat will leave without us!"

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