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Week - 415

Sometimes Superglue Can't Fix Everything
by chaotizitaet
Description: "Tanka, what have you broken this time?" With raised eyebrows my brother Species looks at me from over the edge of his book.

Week - 432

Classic Neohome Comics present: The Plight of Wings
by chaotizitaet
Description: No Koi was hurt making this comic. ~chao

Week - 450

To Honor Tradition
by chaotizitaet
Description: Read now the latest news from the conspiracy theory front...

Week - 506

The Fun of Unsuccessful Saving
by chaotizitaet
Description: Really, what is the fun of saving successfully? Wouldn't it be much more fun to try unsuccessful saving?

Week - 514

Recognition: Part One
by chaotizitaet
Description: And as master thief, as The Grundo Thief, Yanno had expected to be approached by the Thieves Guild, once the dust after the defeat of Dr. Sloth had properly settled...

Week - 515

Recognition: Part Two
by chaotizitaet
Description: Are you a Grundo who feels that Kreludor as home of all Grundos should get the recognition it deserves in all parts of life and not only Yooyuball?

Week - 516

Recognition: Part Three
by chaotizitaet
Description: Here he was interrupted by three very indignant looking Grundos. "Of course we know all about Hover Wardrobes. And Hover Sinks, Hover Beds and other Kreludan furniture," was the rather scathing reply.

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