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Week - 311

27 Reasonable Solutions to Everyday Neopet Problems
by sylviau
Description: Presto, instant results.

Week - 314

Winning the Caption Contest
by sylviau
Description: The captions with the most votes win. You can win from 5000-10,000np, a trophy, and an item...

Week - 319

Where There Are Wheels, There Are Ways
by sylviau
Description: So here's a guide dedicated to help you find out the best, the priciest, and the most absurd wheels ever created!

Week - 374

NeoQuiz: Pound Edition
by sylviau
Description: See what kind of Neopian you are in relation to the pound.

Week - 378

Lennies: They Just Want To Be Loved
by sylviau
Description: They have a vast capacity of intelligence, so in other words, they are SMART!

Week - 390

The Intense Snowickle Guide That You Must Read
by sylviau
Description: How do you care for a Snowickle? I'll start with the basics.

Week - 407

Empathetic Raindrops
by sylviau
Description: He had even refused the petpets that his owner bought him; he didn't want to sadden the poor creatures. He was not fit to take care of anyone.

Week - 420

A New Breed of Heroine
by sylviau
Description: But she was here to prove something. To herself. The rest of Neopia may judge her, but she wasn't doing this for them.

Week - 428

Forgotten by Time
by sylviau
Description: All I remember was the sound that my empty canteen made as it banged against my hip with every step, a constant reminder of my thirst.

Week - 430

Where The Weewoo Fly
by sylviau
Description: "It seems I've got a rainbow weewoo on my hands. How did ya get in there?"

Week - 439

Solitary Epiphany
by sylviau
Description: What was I, but a single speck of dust in a world that expected me to be great, before I could find myself?

Week - 461

Ten Thousand Faeries
by sylviau
Description: "I'll teach you some manners," Hubrid said...

Week - 467

Beneath the Branches
by sylviau
Description: For as long as the Brain Tree could remember, Neopians had always come to the Haunted Woods in pursuit of a daring adventure...

Week - 472

Upon Spiralling Mountains
by sylviau
Description: It is said, that a long time ago, when Shenkuu was a small village...

Week - 476

Under Desert Sky
by sylviau
Description: "Don't lose hope. When it gets darkest the stars come out."

Week - 484

Avatar Woes
by lilyed
Description: Completely.

Idea by sylviau

Week - 491

A Legacy Lives On
by sylviau
Description: The man who told me of these stories was an adventurer himself; the land's finest.

Week - 503

Late Night at the Kadoatery
by hasee_girl
Description: Lights off!

Idea by sylviau

Week - 504

Petpet Battles - Old School
by laughitoff123
Description: Survival of the fittest! ...Or the one that can move.

Idea by sylviau

Week - 513

The Fall of Faerieland
by sylviau
Description: During the Faeries' Ruin plot...

Also by _vegetable_

Week - 514

As Kreludite Falls
by sylviau
Description: Few people knew the dark truth about Krelufun Industries.

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