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Week - 415

Sometimes Superglue Can't Fix Everything
by chaotizitaet
Description: "Tanka, what have you broken this time?" With raised eyebrows my brother Species looks at me from over the edge of his book.

Week - 432

Classic Neohome Comics present: The Plight of Wings
by chaotizitaet
Description: No Koi was hurt making this comic. ~chao

Week - 450

To Honor Tradition
by chaotizitaet
Description: Read now the latest news from the conspiracy theory front...

Week - 506

The Fun of Unsuccessful Saving
by chaotizitaet
Description: Really, what is the fun of saving successfully? Wouldn't it be much more fun to try unsuccessful saving?

Week - 514

Recognition: Part One
by chaotizitaet
Description: And as master thief, as The Grundo Thief, Yanno had expected to be approached by the Thieves Guild, once the dust after the defeat of Dr. Sloth had properly settled...

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