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Week - 235

A Mad Flight Through Space
by weaponstar
Description: "Ready?" The flight commander's voice sounded a tad tinny coming through the communicator. Starmilit glanced sideways at her pet Mynci, Bananamenace. His blue hands hovered over the fire button. The neopet nodded eagerly...

Week - 241

It's Not Worth It
by weaponstar

Sighing, Drano sat up in bed and squinted across the room at Stardust3974, his younger sister. "Morning," he said...

Week - 247

An Interview with Hannah & Gwyl
by weaponstar
Description: I'm here to talk to two of Neopia's well-known characters – and ask them a few questions o' course. This here is Hannah (the Brave)...

Week - 263

Count Von Roo: Amendments
by weaponstar
Description: My purpose here: to show all that Count Von Roo is not, as previously assumed, evil, and is in fact rather good.

Week - 269

An Endless Ladder
by weaponstar
Description: When you're new to Neopia, everything is so different. There is a lot you don't know, and the time it takes before you find this stuff out can be quite regrettable in my experience. In particular, I'm talking about the Neopoints.

Week - 327

How to Make Good Screenshots
by weaponstar
Description: Above all else, you must use your common sense, and be creative.

Week - 344

Five Going On Twenty
by weaponstar
Description: Being a Big Krawk is certainly different. Before... how do I explain?

Week - 350

Never Upon A Time
by weaponstar
Description: The port rang with noise. Hazel, loitering by a small white building that was attracting the least traffic, watched the goings on with a mixture of fascination and apprehension...

Week - 368

A Little Further Up
by weaponstar
Description: The problem was that I had no goals.

Week - 380

Fooling Myself
by weaponstar
Description: There was something about fleafs, though... maybe because they were so miniscule, maybe because as soon as you saw one it jumped – vanished – and then you had no idea where it was.

Week - 413

Scable Runes - Truths for the Liar
by weaponstar
Description: Why? Why must they always ask why?

Week - 430

Rock Paper Scissors - A Study
by weaponstar
Description: Actually, it is not random.

Week - 509

A World of Screenies
by weaponstar
Description: You will find screenies all over the Internet, but less common are places where it has developed into the art form that it has in Neopia.

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