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Week - 445

Simple Minded
by kuroge
Description: Some things are just not practical.

Week - 446

Ugga Fly
by kuroge
Description: JUMP!

Week - 447

A Charming Guide to Piper Panic
by kuroge
Description: Your object in this game is to hit each of the baskets exactly once...

Week - 450

(Un)common Sense
by soccergirl101397
Description: Yes. Yes, it is.

Written by kuroge

Week - 453

Boochi Woes
by kuroge
Description: Yeah, sure...

Art by soccergirl101397

Week - 480

(Un)common Sense - Jhudora Edition
by kuroge
Description: Can you water my plant?

Art by soccergirl101397

Week - 481

(Un)common Sense - Valentine Edition
by kuroge
Description: Will you be my valentine?

Art by soccergirl101397

Week - 482

(Un)common Sense - Chia Pops!
by kuroge
Description: How sweet!

Art by soccergirl101397

Week - 486

(Un)common Sense - Illusen Edition
by kuroge
Description: Nonsense!

Art by soccergirl101397

Week - 507

Collecting Stamps: An Interview With Malphd
by kuroge
Description: How some dedicated Neopians have accumulated so many stamps!

Also by malphd

Week - 509

Mutant Day Customization
by kuroge
Description: Mutant Day is upon us again! A day to celebrate Sloth and his most wonderful creations.

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