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Week - 258

Paint Brush Polls: Pirate!
by kallykat_03
Description: T'day we're takin' a look at that most seaworthy of colors. Not only are Pirate pets unafraid of gettin' thar fur wet, but they're devilishly handsome too!

Week - 263

Paint Brush Polls: Halloween
by kallykat_03
Description: Go on, feed your "Paint Brush Obsession" and find out what you can do to look stylishly creepy this fall. You know you want to...

Week - 271

Paint Brush Polls: Baby
by kallykat_03
Description: Once again there was a wonderful turn-out of users voting in this exceptionally difficult poll--difficult in part because there are currently 52 pet species that can go Baby!

Week - 284

Paint Brush Polls: Island
by kallykat_03
Description: In honor of this exciting time of year, Paint Brush Polls is bringing you the top ten Island fashions! With 49 Island looks currently available, the competition was pretty intense...

Week - 317

Paint Brush Polls: Tyrannian
by kallykat_03
Description: Today we're taking a look at those prehistoric prodigies who've revolutionized the world of fashion with their flaming hot throw-back styles.

Week - 459

Paint Brush Polls: Royal Edition!
by kallykat_03
Description: Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the grandest red carpet event of the year!

Week - 460

Paint Brush Polls: Royal Edition! (part 2)
by kallykat_03
Description: This week we will present the top 10 Royal Boy pets. They're Neopia's finest, bravest, and noblest...

Week - 475

Paint Brush Polls: Faerie!
by kallykat_03
Description: Of course, you'll want to know which Faerie pets are the most fabulous, and that's where we can help.

Week - 509

Paint Brush Polls: Robot
by kallykat_03
Description: Over 200 users voted and the top 10 pets are on display below. Prepare yourself to be awed--just don't stand too close, in case someone short-circuits...

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