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Week - 239

by frost_faerie
Description: Why can't petpetpets have pets?

Week - 240

Boochie Confusion
by frost_faerie
Description: Getting shot isn't always a bad thing...

Week - 275

Hideous Transformation
by frost_faerie
Description: This could explain how the princes and princesses in "Kiss the Mortog" became mortogs in the first place.

Week - 449

Molten Morsels Madness
by frost_faerie
Description: Wait, what?

Week - 492

by frost_faerie
Description: I found a negg!

Week - 497

Poor, Poorer, Poorest!
by frost_faerie
Description: Not rich.

Idea by vasceptre

Week - 503

Altador Cup: The Aftermath
by frost_faerie
Description: Spare a thought for what happens to the mini game characters after the Altador Cup is over!

Week - 506

Searching for Islets
by frost_faerie
Description: Items, items everywhere but not an Islet in sight!

Week - 507

Pirates and Sudoku don't mix!
by frost_faerie
Description: There's nothing like a relaxing game of sudoku to engage the mind unless it involves directing a rowdy bunch of pirates!

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