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Week - 434

The Crimeons: Part One
by blazingcatwings
Description: It all started with one Lupe's ambition and greed...

Week - 435

The Crimeons: Part Two
by blazingcatwings
Description: I silently performed my tasks in the temple as the other three Crimeons dictated. I tried to avoid Kalitersa.

Week - 436

The Crimeons: Part Three
by blazingcatwings
Description: Before I could even complete the morph, I felt the ground slide out from beneath me. I stumbled and fell.

Week - 438

A Nameless Draik
by blazingcatwings
Description: It all started with Neopia's favorite scapegoat, the meepits.

Week - 448

The Forgotten Fountain Faerie
by blazingcatwings
Description: A long time ago, there were no Fountain Faerie quests. The Rainbow Fountain was open for any Neopian to use, free of charge.

Week - 454

by blazingcatwings
Description: Welcome?

Week - 459

The Joys of Double-Painting
by blazingcatwings
Description: Oooh.

Week - 505

The Jewel of Maraqua: Part One
by blazingcatwings
Description: The ocean was an endless wonder Gem could explore for hours, never losing her breath or needing to surface. She was Maraquan, after all.

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