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Week - 490

Top 11 Dos and Don'ts for Pet Trading (Because top 10s are so last week!)
by agedbeauty
Description: If you've never traded before, it can be both intimidating and confusing to start.

Week - 491

Neopoint Wearables You Should Own - But Don't
by agedbeauty
Description: Despite the wide number of users who customize their pets, some items that are incredibly useful for a well-thought out customization simply get no love at all!

Also by sinistrous

Week - 492

Neocash Wearables You Should Own - But Don't
by agedbeauty
Description: This list is composed entirely of items that are currently obtainable in the mall.

Also by sinistrous

Week - 494

Dress Like a Tyrannian!
by agedbeauty
Description: What? You have NO outfit planned for Tyrannian Victory Day? Here, take my notes from our shopping trip!

Week - 497

NC or NP? Building the Perfect Outfit - Part One
by agedbeauty
Description: We'll admit it – we're mallers!

But is neocash the only way to customize nicely? No way!

Also by sinistrous

Week - 498

NC or NP? Building the Perfect Outfit - Part Two
by agedbeauty
Description: This week, we're going to take a look at clothing, the next step to building the perfect customization.

Also by sinistrous

Week - 499

NC or NP? Building the Perfect Outfit - Part Three
by agedbeauty
Description: Let's go ahead and take a good long look at hand-held items this week.

Also by sinistrous

Week - 500

NC or NP? Building the Perfect Outfit - Part Four
by agedbeauty
Description: In this last section, we're going to take a look at trinkets, garlands, etc. These are usually the last thing we add into a customization, so it made sense to work our way down.

Also by sinistrous

Week - 505

Dressing for the Discovery of Meridell
by agedbeauty
Description: Unfurl your banners, grab a Turkey and Potato Dinner, shoot off a couple arrows – that's right, it's the anniversary of the Discovery of Meridell!

Also by sinistrous

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