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Week - 498

Illusen the Kadoatie #1: Escape from the Kadoatery
by skittyfan100
Description: My ears twitched. Sure, I hated being in Terror Mountain, but nothing was as bad as the Kadoatery.

Week - 499

The Guild Rivalry
by skittyfan100
Description: If you're a guild owner, be sure to give you guild members pie. :)

Week - 501

Illusen the Kadoatie #2: Beware the Wrath of Jhudora
by skittyfan100
Description: "Oh, Oblivia!" said the Kau. "How can I help you today? Another quest from Jhudora?"

Week - 504

Illusen the Kadoatie #3: Little Mooty
by skittyfan100
Description: "You got a Mootix?!" she said with joy.

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