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Week - 464

How to Feed Your Grarrl
by icanhaskaila
Description: No, they're surprisingly not extinct. I know, right?

Also by midnight_009

Week - 465

The Lost Snorkle
by icanhaskaila
Description: I am not happy right now. I was almost eaten. Yes, you read correctly. I WAS ALMOST EATEN. Who even does that anymore?

Week - 466

The Symol Hole
by icanhaskaila
Description: Whee....

Also by 9stormfur18

Week - 474

Another Day to Fish
by midnight_009
Description: Suddenly the shadow was no longer a shadow, but a titanic giant squid! Its eye came up and looked at me.

Also by icanhaskaila

Week - 479

The Sponge Peophin
by icanhaskaila
Description: ...and he changes colour to Sponge!!!

Week - 484

Who Took the Cookie from the Cookie Jar?
by icanhaskaila
Description: *munch*

Week - 490

Slorg Friends
by icanhaskaila
Description: Aren't you sad?

Also by midnight_009

Week - 494

The Fanatic
by icanhaskaila
Description: What is he doing?

Also by midnight_009

Week - 504

Tough Guys
by icanhaskaila
Description: I love my new hat.

Also by midnight_009

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