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Week - 472

The 100 Signs of Neopets Addiction
by catlit262
Description: Wow. That's a lot of signs. o_____________o;

Week - 478

The Last Faerie
by catlit262
Description: Not all of the faeries were frozen...

Week - 490

The Black Rose
by catlit262
Description: It all started with a rose...

Week - 499

Secrets of Shiryoku: The Gift - Part One
by catlit262
Description: "Xandra," the elder Ogrin asked the Xweetok, "what on Neopia are you doing?"

Week - 500

Secrets of Shiryoku: The Gift - Part Two
by catlit262
Description: "The person who caused the fall of Faerieland has been captured, and the faeries are back to normal!"

Week - 501

Secrets of Shiryoku: The Gift - Part Three
by catlit262
Description: My instincts kicked in. Run! they told me. Run as fast as you can!

Week - 502

Secrets of Shiryoku: The Gift - Part Four
by catlit262
Description: When I regained my consciousness, I was in a cold, stone-lined room.

Week - 503

Secrets of Shiryoku: The Gift - Part Five
by catlit262
Description: Hanso grinned. "I would've told you about it earlier, Brynn, but then that would defeat the purpose of calling it a secret hideout..."

Week - 504

Secrets of Shiryoku: The Gift - Part Six
by catlit262
Description: We knew that we had to leave. We still had a chance to change this alternate reality if we did.

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