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Week - 371

Unis Don't Dig Holes
by blackghoulmon
Description: The assumption about Unis is that they hate getting dirty. I, on the other hand, love making a mess.

Week - 400

Actions and Words
by blackghoulmon
Description: This part of my story began in the Pound, just like many other Neopets.

Week - 403

Escape from the Pirate Caves
by blackghoulmon
Description: I still remember what they said when they first captured me.

Week - 409

Ummagine Tea
by blackghoulmon
Description: The best way to get Ummagines is to go find them ourselves. As we probably all know, Ummagines grow deep underground.

Week - 415

A Uni Bedtime Story
by blackghoulmon
Description: A very long time ago, there was a young royal girl Uni...

Week - 422

Into the Storm
by blackghoulmon
Description: There were black clouds stretched from one horizon to the other, right in our flight path. We were flying right towards a thunderstorm!

Week - 429

The Uni and the Lupe
by blackghoulmon
Description: The familiar howling of a baby Lupe cut through the silence of the Lost Desert.

Week - 445

My Battle With Balthazar
by blackghoulmon
Description: But what happens if you stumble across him as he's catching faeries? Would you try to stop him? And if you did, what would he do to you?

Week - 455

Broken Wing, Humble Heart
by blackghoulmon
Description: Each night, when he was done for the day, I would pepper him with questions as to what he was up to. "Just wait and see," was his constant response.

Week - 459

A Gathering of Friends
by blackghoulmon
Description: It was what some Neopians called a "grey day," where you feel like you've been painted grey in your sleep.

Week - 462

Lost Desert Treasure Hunt
by blackghoulmon
Description: I looked at the ancient parchment I was holding between my front hooves, then raised my head and looked out the forward windscreen of my owner's two-man Virtupets space fighter as it flew high above the Lost Desert.

Week - 465

Girl vs Boy: Unis in the Battledome
by blackghoulmon
Description: My armor-clad hooves nailed my opponent square in the chest. That blow took the last of his hit points...

Week - 466

Rescue at the Museum
by blackghoulmon
Description: It had been almost three days since my younger sister, Ludroth the Darigan Peophin, had gone missing while visiting the Royal Museum in Sakhmet.

Week - 473

A Sister's Care
by blackghoulmon
Description: When I woke up, I thought it was still dark out, because everything was out of focus...

Week - 493

The Might of Light
by blackghoulmon
Description: "Legends say that my curse can be broken with the aid of another Uni," he said.

Week - 504

Shooting Star Race
by blackghoulmon
Description: "I dreamed I was racing a shooting star across Meridell."

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