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Week - 381

Amateur's Guide to Wheeler's Wild Ride
by you_are_my_happiness
Description: It's the newest game to hit Neopia: a Lenny and his Island Faellie tour Mystery Island... delivering coconuts?

Week - 382

Daily Dare Setback and Frustration Prevention Guide
by you_are_my_happiness
Description: Here are some tips and strategies to help you deal with any frustration you may have, by thinking things out logically.

Week - 407

Slimy Slobbering Slorgs in Space: The Game Guide
by you_are_my_happiness
Description: It makes you wonder what those slorgs are up to, beyond looking cute and snarfing Kreludor's food supply.

Week - 413

You game?
by you_are_my_happiness
Description: When light bulbs were not invented.

Week - 418

by you_are_my_happiness
Description: Even if you don't have manners, someone else will.

Week - 424

by you_are_my_happiness
Description: Newsflash: There is no known cure for ineptitude.

Week - 419

Cloud Raiders for the Aerodynamically Challenged
by you_are_my_happiness
Description: Your goal is to fly from Faerieland to Terror Mountain. But of course, it's never as simple as it sounds...

Week - 420

Pen vs Sword
by you_are_my_happiness
Description: And the victor is...

Week - 422

Clockwork Codebreaker Made Not-So-Complicated
by you_are_my_happiness
Description: If you enjoy playing Time Tunnel now or liked playing the endless Codebreakers from waaay back when, then you're sure to like Clockwork Codebreaker.

Week - 428

Jumpin' Gem Heist Game Guide
by you_are_my_happiness
Description: In this game, you play a Sandan that knocks over gems and collects them in its (bottomless) hat.

Week - 500

Second Wall
by you_are_my_happiness
Description: Breaking the second wall in 2D since Y13.

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