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Week - 472

Happy Daze
by soragin
Description: Alas!

Story by inuyashalover37

Week - 488

DoTS #2
by soragin
Description: Dr. Sloth says...

Week - 489

DoTS # 1
by soragin
Description: Introduction

Week - 490

DoTS # 3
by soragin
Description: Jhudora needs friends too...

Week - 491

DoTS #4
by soragin
Description: It's hard to find a good hiding place...

Week - 493

DoTS # 5: The List Part 1
by soragin
Description: Everyone want to be on the "List"...

Week - 494

DoTS: The List Part 2
by soragin
Description: Everything is not a good thing. :(

Week - 495

DoTS #7: The List Part 3
by soragin
Description: The last chapter of "The List"

Week - 499

DoTS: Mission 500 Part 1 of 2
by soragin
Description: Say what is the line for?

Week - 500

DoTS: Mission 500 Part 2 of 2
by soragin
Description: It is a bird! It is a Weewoo! No, it is a Chokato...?!

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