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Week - 383

The Gatherer and the Rogue
by phoenixs_angel
Description: This was why Yurius had come to Altador, to find the only person who would love Petpets even more than he did; maybe she could help him.

Week - 490

The Defender: Part One
by phoenixs_angel
Description: Timu still remains the golden child of the city of Altador.

Week - 491

The Defender: Part Two
by phoenixs_angel
Description: Although Jerdana refused to give up her beloved city without a fight, the fight seemed more and more hopeless every day. Unless....

Week - 497

The Last Days of the Citadel: Part One
by phoenixs_angel
Description: He had returned to find his Citadel in ruins and in the middle of a war.

Week - 498

The Last Days of the Citadel: Part Two
by phoenixs_angel
Description: From the moment Narissa started her training as apprentice under Clivia, there had been tension between the two of them.

Week - 499

The Last Days of the Citadel: Part Three
by phoenixs_angel
Description: Narissa had learned not to believe what Morguss was saying a long time ago.

Week - 500

The Last Days of the Citadel: Part Four
by phoenixs_angel
Description: The Lord of Darigan Citadel laughed.

"As lord, I do have my secrets, which I would rather not share. However..."

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