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Week - 493

Scarblade's Pearl: Part One
by theloverpokemonqueen
Description: It was a cold night on Krawk Island. The wind whispered through the streets...

Week - 494

Scarblade's Pearl: Part Two
by theloverpokemonqueen
Description: Nira had never thought she'd come face to face with the Captain, let alone be taken under his wing.

Week - 495

Scarblade's Pearl: Part Three
by theloverpokemonqueen
Description: Looking back to the water, Nira took a deep breath and let it out.

Don't be such a coward! Nira commanded herself.

Week - 496

Scarblade's Pearl: Part Four
by theloverpokemonqueen
Description: A cry of alarm echoing through the ocean made her turn. A Maraquan Kyrii was swimming toward the ruins of the once beautiful town...

Week - 498

Scarblade's Pearl: Off To Altador - Part One
by theloverpokemonqueen
Description: "Nira, I think you need to leave the island," she said slowly.

Week - 499

Scarblade's Pearl: Off To Altador - Part Two
by theloverpokemonqueen
Description: There was nothing to fear here. Altador prided itself on being one of the safest cities in all Neopia.

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