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Week - 439

Unlikely Allies: Part One
by smoothiegrrl
Description: "Practice and drills went well today," Kakoni began as soon as Valtonous had joined them. "But with the regular season wrapping up and the Tournament coming closer, we're going to have to start practicing other techniques."

Week - 440

Unlikely Allies: Part Two
by smoothiegrrl
Description: Babolino cleared his throat. "I know that we're all a little bit touchy because they beat us decisively last Cup," he said uncertainly. "But maybe we should give them a chance."

Week - 441

Unlikely Allies: Part Three
by smoothiegrrl
Description: Delma turned to stare as the five Darigan pets filed in, led by their captain, Layton Vickles. Delma couldn't shake the feeling of nervousness as they approached.

Week - 442

Unlikely Allies: Part Four
by smoothiegrrl
Description: Babolino was approaching in a line straight for the goal, so Delma sprang into action...

Week - 443

Unlikely Allies: Part Five
by smoothiegrrl
Description: "Any news is good news," Delma replied calmly. "We get little enough attention that some publicity should be healthy for us."

Week - 444

Unlikely Allies: Part Six
by smoothiegrrl
Description: Once practice was over, she invited Ciona for a swim, reminding her that there were still four days left until the opening ceremony.

Week - 445

Unlikely Allies: Part Seven
by smoothiegrrl
Description: Kakoni was clearly impatient and growing more agitated. "Ciona's never missed a practice before without excessive prior notice..."

Week - 446

Unlikely Allies: Part Eight
by smoothiegrrl
Description: "If Ciona's hurt at all, I'm going to make someone really sorry that they messed with Team Faerieland."

Week - 496

Taelia's Pride: The Beginning - Part One
by smoothiegrrl
Description: "This is gonna be so fun! I want to visit the Ice Crystals shop, and maybe go visit the Snowager—"

Week - 497

Taelia's Pride: The Beginning - Part Two
by smoothiegrrl
Description: "You're a load of trouble, and you have no right to ask so much of us without even helping!"

Week - 498

Taelia's Pride: The Beginning - Part Three
by smoothiegrrl
Description: She was lying on Taelia's couch by the crackling fire, covered by a worn blanket, and her family was nowhere to be seen.

Week - 499

Taelia's Pride: The Beginning - Part Four
by smoothiegrrl
Description: Allie looked out the window at the weak autumn light penetrating the gloomy sky. The heavy clouds had been moving in all week, and the first real snowstorm of the season was supposed to begin today.

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