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Week - 474

Which Limited Edition Pet Are You?
by chestnuttiger787
Description: A quiz to see which one of those elusive limited edition pets you are.

Week - 477

Mixa and Tixa
by chestnuttiger787
Description: Mixa and Tixa have never gotten along, and in fact, they are almost always fighting, but things can change....

Week - 480

Making Your Story Fly
by chestnuttiger787
Description: How are you supposed to write a good story if you don't care what happens to your characters and you don't like the plot?

Week - 481

A Sibling Story
by chestnuttiger787
Description: New siblings come with new challenges.

Week - 482

Tama's Tale
by chestnuttiger787
Description: It was a beautiful day, and the sun was shining down on the Habitarium. It wasn't an ordinary group of pests by the nests, however. It was an invasion from another Habitarium.

Week - 483

Zapping For Good
by chestnuttiger787
Description: The quickest way to help the pets of the pound one pet at a time!

Week - 484

Secret of the North Beach
by chestnuttiger787
Description: The north beach had always seemed a bit spooky, especially that little cave. . .

Week - 485

The Quill of Gold
by chestnuttiger787
Description: Have you ever wondered how the golden quill trophies came to be? Here's the story.

Week - 486

The Different Ones
by chestnuttiger787
Description: While the other Unis sat around grooming all day, Hlaoa had a different idea of how to have fun.

Week - 488

Shoyru Feast Foods
by chestnuttiger787
Description: Do you want to see your Shoyru's face light up in surprise and delight when they see their meal? Here's your guide!

Week - 490

The Memoirs of Maeika
by chestnuttiger787
Description: I thought my life would end with Tae by my side, but then again, I thought it began that way, too.

Week - 491

by chestnuttiger787
Description: Users nowadays put too much value on special paint brush colors and rare species.

Week - 492

12 Tips for Neopets Boredom
by chestnuttiger787
Description: We've all been bored at one point, but if you read this guide, then you'll have twelve ways to cure it!

Week - 497

Fyora Day Interviews
by chestnuttiger787
Description: Three faeries, three different opinions!

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