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Week - 311

Princess Lilac: Vanishing Princess or Runaway Royal?
by klaus239
Description: What exactly happened to the royalty of Terror Mountain?

Week - 319

Neopia, Year 200: The Beginning - Part One
by klaus239
Description: Prices stayed up, the Faeries stayed exiled in Faerieland, and the damage caused by the weather would likely never be repaired...

Week - 320

Neopia, Year 200: The Beginning - Part Two
by klaus239
Description: "Right... now where do you really want to go?" she asked, nervously hoping that the Neopets in front of her weren't crazy enough to really want to go to Faerieland...

Week - 321

Neopia, Year 200: The Beginning - Part Three
by klaus239
Description: "The Hall of Legends," replied Fyora as she walked over to a bookcase. "It's where every single story ever written down in the history of Neopia is documented..."

Week - 322

Neopia, Year 200: The Beginning - Part Four
by klaus239
Description: The albino Flotsam dove into the tide again to find another shell. Spotting a particularly shiny turquoise one that resembled her own tail, she reached out to grab it...

Week - 323

Neopia, Year 200: The Beginning - Part Five
by klaus239
Description: Once everyone had sat down Kayna began to look around for something to rest her head on. "Guys," she said, pointing at a spot at the other end of the clearing, "what's that?"

Week - 324

Neopia, Year 200: The Beginning - Part Six
by klaus239
Description: The Valkaeum member rose, visions of glory in her dark blue eyes. "I thought that I'd only get power from those Water Faeries, but once I have Thyora's Tear..."

Week - 325

Neopia, Year 200: The Beginning - Part Seven
by klaus239
Description: "Mister," said Daphne seriously, "you really shouldn't be wearing that cloak. Silver is so not your colour." The cloaked figure began to advance down the trail, the trails of its cloak fluttering in the breeze...

Week - 326

Neopia, Year 200: The Beginning - Part Eight
by klaus239
Description: Eventually, the group reached a wall that appeared to be made of nothing but packed soil. Luther beamed...

Week - 327

Neopia, Year 200: The Beginning - Part Nine
by klaus239
Description: "We'll have to split up if we want to find the Keys," said Yorick. Everyone nodded...

Week - 328

Neopia, Year 200: The Beginning - Part Ten
by klaus239
Description: "Hold on, guys," she said urgently. "I think I know where Rheani might be..."

Week - 329

Neopia, Year 200: The Beginning - Part Eleven
by klaus239
Description: "Puh-leeze. That rag-tag little group gives rebellion a bad name!"

Week - 371

Maintenance Petpet Cx3L
by klaus239
Description: I am one of the many Petpets that were taken from their owners by Dr. Sloth to work on the Space Station.

Week - 495

Neopia, Year 200 Book II: Earthly Winds - Part One
by klaus239
Description: She knew full well just how powerful the Valkaeum were, and four Neopets and a bumbling Fire Faerie were just not going to cut it.

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