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Week - 283

Playing with Puns
by inuyashalover37
Description: I had wondered...

Week - 292

by inuyashalover37
Description: ^_^

Week - 307

Petpet Perils
by inuyashalover37
Description: I am very happy.

Week - 360

The Curse of Customization
by inuyashalover37
Description: It was only a matter of time.

Also by cocoaapple

Week - 472

Happy Daze
by soragin
Description: Alas!

Story by inuyashalover37

Week - 484

Ive Been Thunkin'
by inuyashalover37
Description: Evil Mr. Coconut is evil. : (

Week - 494

How to Speak Tyrannian
by inuyashalover37
Description: Gragud a Tyranu Evavu!

Also by kailamy

Week - 495

Wishing Woes
by inuyashalover37
Description: Replaced. *sigh*

Also by princess_in_pink_77

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